Excellence is in You.

Since 2004, Building Your Dreams has helped numerous groups and individuals develop, implement and build capacity as it relates to their specific career and future goals.

Excellence is in You.

Since 2004, Building Your Dreams has helped numerous groups and individuals develop, implement and build capacity as it relates to their specific career and future goals.

Excellence is in You.

Since 2004, Building Your Dreams has helped numerous groups and individuals develop, implement and build capacity as it relates to their specific career and future goals.

Our Impact

We empower individuals and institutions to live a successful life “By Design.” This is accomplished through capacity-building services and career education programs.
Client Program Report
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Deeply impactful for me
“Dionne’s career/personal development workshop was deeply impactful for me. It was as if an ornate key was slowing unlocking my deepest intuitive knowing about my purpose and passion. The workshop allowed a safe and supportive place for me to discover, connect and ultimately create a life strategy for being more intentional about aligning my life with my purpose. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone, it’s life changing!”

 Kelly Terry

Dionne has a deep and genuine care for young people
When I was 13 years old, I interviewed for a grant through the Youth in Service Fund. I left impressed by the professionalism of the young people who interviewed me and as a result, I applied to be a member of the Youth Advisory Council (YAC). A short time after being accepted to the YAC, Dionne became our leader. Dionne was intentional about training us to develop professional skills such as verbal and written communications skills, time management, professional dress code and leadership agility. Dionne support is practical and customized to the specific needs of the individual. I am forever grateful and indebted to her for thoughtful mentorship for over 15 years.

 Ashley Hines

Dedication to service is unparalleled
Dionne took me under her wing as a mentee when I was in high school. She presented herself as a resource and provided me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. I am grateful for all that Dionne has done for me and so many others. Her desire to see young people flourish and dedication to service is unparalleled.

 Nicholas Robinson

Dionne is a true educator
Dionne is an exceptional leader, thoughtful partner, and dynamic collaborator. Youth and young adults who have participated in the career development skills training provided by the Lead2Change program are not only poised for professional opportunities and success, they are more confident and self-assured. Any educator can teach, but it takes a true educator to inspire, and Dionne is a true educator.

 Dr. Dan Bergen

tremendous resource
Dionne is truly an inspiring leader, who’s business acumen, grit, and tenacity are infectious. She has the gift of seeing opportunities and always executes with unparalleled excellence. She is a tremendous resource and is always willing to share her vast knowledge to help others reach their fullest potential. I have truly grown both personally and professionally while working with her.

 Marcus Taylor

highly recommended
As a Program Officer for Bader Philanthropies, I could always tell when one of her program graduates was  in the room. They spoke their truth with confidence, dignity and grace, qualities that I knew were developed intentionally through the vision and dedication of Dream.Explore.Build. and Dionne Grayson.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Dionne over the years and highly recommend working with her in any capacity.

 Mary Osmundsen

Lead2Change Program Report
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News &  Community Impact
Dionne Grayson to The Betty Brinn Children’s Museum Board of Directors
Dionne Grayson named 35th Annual Black Excellence Awards Honoree.
Women of Influence 2017
Source: Milwaukee Business Journal
Lead2Change is recognized for making a positive impact in guiding community teens

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Our Services

Whether you are young or young at heart, Building Your Dreams has purposely designed a program with your future in mind.

Through D.E.B., Dream Builders clearly identify and cultivate their dreams, explore their strengths and build their future.​​

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This small-group experience for adults will help you realize what you were designed to do

We all have a dream, fueled by a desire living inside of us. Untapped potential is one of the most common barriers that we face when aiming to achieve any dream.

Interpersonal Skills Training:
The Color Code

As a certified facilitator of The Color Code assessment, Building Your Dreams helps individuals go beyond identifying “what” you do in order to discover your “why.”

Specialized Consulting Services

For more than 25 years, Dionne has partnered with many organizations to provide capacity-building consulting services. Dionne also offers customized career-readiness training to meet individual and organizational needs. As a trusted advisor in organizational development and career education, Dionne helps institutions scale their programs while maximizing their output and increasing their bottom line.

If you have a program you’d like us to advise you on, scale or manage, contact us!

We look forward to learning about your program.

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